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This may be showbiz, but not as you know it. Day 47

Juggler Steve Rawlings is a hero of mine.

Way back when I was married to a German juggler and half of a street performing juggling duo called the Cobble Comedy Company ... (What? You didn't know? Read all about it in Spun Into Gold - The Secret Life of a Female Magician!)

As I was saying, way back when I was a juggler (check out the photo below or this video if you don't believe me!) Steve was a legend.

He still is and has been the first entertainer to be invited back on cruise ships as they go back out with new covid safety measures.

I thought you would be interested to read the new requirements for entertainers and what a show currently looks like.

From Steve.

"Hey guys , just a quick heads up on the current show situation and show restrictions that are currently in operation on Royal Caribean cruise lines and will probably apply across all the cruise lines at the moment , to help you prepare your shows when the call comes. No volunteers are allowed whatsoever although stage hands are allowed to help you if needed, Nothing can be given to, or taken from the audience If a prop rolls offstage it stays there until the end of the show Audiences are social distanced with no one in the first two rows and then very thin and spread out ( maybe 150 guests in a thousand seat theatre ) They must also pre book seats and after the show departure is by zones Be aware that as soon as the audience is gone the seating area is sprayed with some sort of disinfectant/virus killer which is extremely unpleasant and you don’t want to be around on stage getting a lung full especially if you have asthma issues I am only doing 1x45 minute show twice on one night , and haven’t been asked for a second ( which is just as well as without audience participation I haven’t got one ) We are only doing short 2-4 day cruises (no ports) From Singapore-Singapore so a second show isn’t needed. The audience are all wearing masks and because there are so few of them it’s hard to know how well you’re doing , But for now this is the new normal, the days of packed crowds rolling in the aisles are gone for now. I would say however although I’ve only done two shows so far the audiences though small were really nice and I thoroughly enjoyed both shows. All these things I’m sure can and will change with time but this is currently what we are looking at."

Right now, this doesn't sound that much fun!

But at least it's a start!

Cross fingers this time next year we can go back to sold out shows and packed theatres!

Love love love


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