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Tarte Tatin - Day 60

I did it! I'm very proud.

And relieved.

What did you do, I hear you ask!

I did my first session of sitting in front of my newly assembled shrine to do the Buddhist practice of 'The Yoga of Great Mother Prajnaparamita'.

The what?

I know, it's unusual. But I like it.

I wouldn't call myself a Buddhist. I would say that I am married to a Buddhist. A Buddhist who was once a monk. For the 14 years we've been together I'd heard a lot about Dharma ( i.e the nature of reality regarded as a universal truth taught by the Buddha; the teaching of Buddhism.), At one point, I feared that if I didn't believe the same as him, we would have to spilt up. At another point, nearly two years back, Walkabout actually left to go live and work in the Buddhist priory now ten minutes from my new cottage. For me, when I went to the Kadampa centres (his particular order), it was like walking with grit in your boots. Grating. Uncomfortable. Many things didn't sit right. But that's fine, we all have our preferences. You love Haagen Dass, I prefer a good tarte tartin. Oh you like tarte tatin too? Well, who doesn't. i'm writing this as a gluten free vegan who hasn't had a taste of tarte tatin for years and I'm wondering whether you can even make a substitute for its delicious buttery taste. Mmmmmm...

Anyway, look at me being distracted by memories of tarte tatin.

Back to Prajnaparamita. Which is a right old mouthful but VERY satisfying once you've got it.

The way I understand Prajnaparamita (who is also a Buddha) is that she represents the way of seeing a perfected version of the nature of reality. I can't even explain it, I'm such an amateur! But I have a sort of sense of what it all means. What it means to me is that when I'm bothered by something, I remember her and remember that everything is perception, an appearance to mind. Nothing has its own meaning, only the meaning you give it.

Like you probably, I have a selection of annoying people and things that keep looping in my mind. When I become aware that I'm thinking of them again, I think of Prajnaparamita and see them vanish, poof! It's a different sort of magic.

I sat doing the practice for maybe 35 minutes. There were a lot of imagined golden silks and jewels involved, coloured lights and blessings. I lit candles and incense. You can't satisfy an ex-Catholic without a bit of theatre.

Afterwards, feeling calm and peaceful, I wondered what it would be like to retire from showbiz. Then I realised that even if I said that I had officially retired from showbiz, I would keep creating and performing, so what would be the point of retiring? So I won't.

And now, I've been sitting here so long just thinking that I really need to get out and see the sea!

Everything in moderation. Even tarte tatin.

Love Love Love


So my friends, here is my challenge.

I will share Spun Into Gold - The Secret Life of a Female Magician with over a Magical Million readers.

I promise to bring you my almost daily efforts and adventures on the path.

I also promise not to give up for one magical year and a day!

Thank you for keeping me company.

Off we go!

A million readers here we come!

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