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Je suis artiste. Day 22

Or I have brand new art supplies at least. You have to start somewhere.

As you will remember, the magical whispers of the Universe have been nudging me towards, no, kicking me right up you know what, towards learning about painting and colour and art. I bought an online beginners course by my friend Tracy Verdugo and watched - just watched - the first class yesterday.

Today, I took myself off to the next town down the coast and found a shop full of paper and paint and pens and ooh everything a brand new virgin would be artist could wish for.

I may have got a little over enthusiastic and bought paints of all types in every colour, a stack of various brushes and a couple of pad of artist's paper.

Yes, I'm not earning at the moment but frugality in the case of new costumes or props, or vibrant coloured material has never been my strong point.

I love putting Tracy Verdugo's art on my blog. It's her work of course but I love it so much that I'm weaving it into my life, much as you would it you'd bought an original painting and hung it in your home.

It's all very exciting. As you can see in this clip, in the art shop, I've regressed to about nine years old getting school stationery for a new term.

But you know, what could be better than getting excited about paints and paintbrushes? I think this art therapy could be the very thing we all need at the moment!

A bag full of art supplies is as far as I've got today. But next week? Ooooh next week!

Please, don't start expecting anything impressive! I am starting this course as a beginner with zero expectations. The only thing I am expecting is to enjoy something completely new and sharing the process with a few friends who are going to do it with me. If you fancy joining us, let me know and we'll start a little private facebook group or something!

My aim is to create some designs that I can use on my website and social media to help promote the book.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot! Guess what??


The downloadable version of the E-book of Spun Into Gold - The Secret Life of a Female Magician is now... drumroll... available for a bargainous £4.99 on my website shop!

So proud!

Well, Nicky did it not me, but still!

Love love love


So my friends, here is my challenge.

I will share Spun Into Gold - The Secret Life of a Female Magician with over a magical million readers.

It's available worldwide in paperback and on audiobook, narrated by yours truly and has received 97% 5 star reviews.

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Amazon Australia

Book Depository FREE SHIPPING Worldwide

Audible UK

Audible USA

Apple Books (Audiobook)

and NOW as a downloadable E-Book for £4.99 on my Website Shop.

All that's needed to reach over a million readers is an extra special swirl of golden magic, positive thought and help from my friends.

I promise to bring you my daily efforts and adventures on the path.

I also promise not to give up for one magical year and a day!

Thank you for keeping me company.

Off we go!

A million readers here we come!

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