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Is Tiffany Dover Dead? Day 50

If you are asking who on earth is Tiffany Dover? Bravo. You’ve obviously not been seduced by the gossipy social media intrigue into the fate of the nurse who was injected with the Pfizer vaccine on American TV.

Unlike me.

Last Monday (yes, that’s how long I’ve been distracted from finishing this post!) was the first ‘official’ morning of the New Year. My number one, sparkling brand new resolution was to limit the amount of time I waste on the internet.

On Monday, Walkabout (the husband) and I got up 30 minutes earlier than usual. And yes, we sat to meditate enjoying the cosy heat of my still warm fire. I followed that with writing my manifestation goals. By 8.15am I was feeling smug. This is easy.

But then. Big mistake. I took my phone with me to the bathroom. A quick peek at Facebook. I laughed out loud at some funny comments from the 30 day Paint Over your Canvas challenge I’m doing with 300 other women.

“You’re having too much fun up there!” Walkabout shouts up.

When I come down, I say, “You know, social media isn’t all bad. When I’m spending all day alone in the cottage, it’s nice to have a virtual chat with people online. And in my art group, we’re encouraging each other and being kind.”

What I’m doing, is pre-justifying spending hours scrolling. But Walkabout agrees. “Yes, if you’re being creative and kind, that is a good use of the net.” And off he goes to work.

It is 8.45am. I plan to go out for a walk in 15 minutes. I’ll just have a quick look at Facebook. Just 15 minutes.Then I’ll go.

But at 9.15am I am still scrolling, still replying to comments. Then my attention is caught by something on my feed. “Nurse dies after receiving vaccine!” What total and irresistible CLICKBAIT. Tiffany is a nurse in Alabama. She was on featured on TV saying how much nurses welcomed the vaccine and were happy to take it. But just as she was saying this, she apologised, saying that she didn’t feel right, then fell to the floor. A cluster of medics surrounded her. It didn’t look good. But later on the same TV channel, Tiffany, looking better, said that she often faints at the least cause and is feeling completely well again. How could I resist finding out what happened next?

Now it’s 9.30am and I’m watching a YouTube video asking if Tiffany is alive and not dead as suspected, why hasn’t she posted on any of her social media pages? Then I type Tiffany Dover into Google and am offered several pages of comment and investigation.

Catching myself on the precipice of another rabbit hole, I quickly start Self Control, an app which bans Facebook, Insta and anything else you ask it too. Phew!

I put on my walking boots and head out.

As I walk up to the common, buffeted by blustering winds, I wonder why Facebook scrolling and small swirls of conspiracy are so compelling. I figure out that it’s the equivalent of a friend bursting into my cottage squealing, you’ll never guess what happened between Doris and the lusty vicar!

You wouldn’t say, ‘don’t tell me, I’m doing my tax returns’, would you? I wouldn’t. I’d want to know each delicious, salacious detail. That naughty vicar!

In my remote cottage, no one is bursting in with gossip.Nothing is going on. Not a thing is happening except on the media and the internet.

So far, this week, my resolution to limit social media to an hour has failed drastically. I will try to do better next week!

On the bright side, Tiffany Dover is alive despite the rumours and this blog is finally written.

Enjoy your weekend and all the gossip you can find!

Love love love


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