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Introducing Leonie Dawson! Day 45

This is Leonie Dawson. Leonie is an Australian entrepreneur who has made $8 million dollars from her on-line courses delivered from her home in her pyjamas while looking after her two young children.

Maybe she doesn't wear pyjamas ALL the time but you get the picture. She has created a life how she chooses to live it and is unapologetically colourful, confident.

She is refreshing, authentic and knows her onions. She also swears like a sailor and her favourite instruction is "Don't get your head stuck up your arse!"

What I love about her is that she wants everyone else to enjoy the same success she's had.

I discovered her a few months back. When I did, I was truly impressed and inspired! In fact, my usual magenta colour scheme started to turn turquoise. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I bought a turquoise phone case and a turquoise coat. I even started painting the furniture!

Why am I telling you about Leonie? As with all good things, I want to share! She's fabulous and as long as you don't pale at a few (a lot!) choice swear words, I think you'll like her too.

I also have an ulterior motive in telling you all this.

You know I'm working on spinning Spun Into Gold out to a new world of readers? Of course you do! Let me explain further...

I am on Leonie's affiliate program, meaning that if someone uses my affiliate link to buy one of her courses, I get a percentage. In the next 4 days, there is a prize for the person who has the highest number of affiliate sold courses. The prize is a coaching call with Leonie!

At the moment, I'm second on the leaderboard! I'm so close!

I would very much like to win a coaching call with Leonie. Why? Because she's fab and I'd love to meet her but also because I'd love her to read Spun Into Gold. She will love it because she loves all things magical and then I'm hoping she'll help me promote it more efficiently than I've been doing so far!

I have a funny feeling, you know, that magical feeling I get, that this is meant to happen!

What I'd love you to do is to have a look at her site at the courses she is offering and see if there's something that appeals to you. If anything does, or if you'd like to buy it as a present for a friend or daughter for example, then come back and use one of the links here. They are reasonably priced plus are discounted by 25% for the next 3 days only!

I’m currently enjoying doing her 40 Days to Create & Sell Your E-course - Are you still fucking about, NOT getting your e-course done?

I'm in the middle of creating it right now. Mine is called something like, '4 weeks to become a Happy Manifester!' and hopefully will be available in December. Just in time to replace all the magic shows that used to fill my diary at Xmas!

These are Leonie's courses with my affiliate links. (Reminder, to help me win this coaching call you need to use these actual links!)

Soul Care In Uncertain Times: 4 weeks of mini-retreats to create purpose and calm from chaos

Now, more than ever we need to see our self-care as critical.

Now, more than ever we need to stay deeply connected.

Now, more than ever, we need to retreat into the stillness of ourselves so we can carry on surviving and thriving in a bonkerdoodles world. $69 Approx £52

Anxiety Balm

21 days of tools + tips to calm, soothe + bring solace to an anxious soul.

I've lived with a generalised anxiety disorder for ten years. I've been on a huge healing journey to find what works. I'm here, like an anxiety big sister, to give you loving, practical tools and tips to help you manage your anxiety and transform your surviving into thriving.

$51.75 Black Friday Sale! £35 This is huge BARGAIN!

40 Days to Create & Sell Your E-course

Are you still fucking about, NOT getting your e-course done?

Or are you not sure how to create the tech behind it?

Or have you created an e-course but not getting the sales you want from it?

In the space of 40 days, you are going to get your e-course DONE. And master the tech like a pro. And start SELLING it like crazy.

This is accountability, tech + marketing advice on SPEED.

$74.25 Black Friday Sale! £56 This is huge BARGAIN!


Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income

Want to know how I've built a multi-million dollar net worth?

Want to grow your own income and savings with joy and consciousness?

Join me on this practical, inspiring and FUN 4 week journey to transform your financial destiny.

$74.25 Black Friday Sale! £56 This is huge BARGAIN!

40 Days to A Finished E-Book

Want to get your book written, finished and out in the world, doing what it’s supposed to be doing?

  • helping the people it is meant to

  • giving you expert status

  • bringing you new clients & customers

  • giving you an extra income stream?

Learn the book writing + book marketing success secrets from an internationally best-selling author who has sold over a million dollars in books!

$74.25 Black Friday Sale! £56 This is huge BARGAIN!

You might fancy to take a peak at to find out how fabulous and colourful and dynamic Leonie is!

You never know, this mad plan to meet Leonie might work!

You might really enjoy doing one of her courses and even earn much more back than you paid.

Who knows? Magic is always woven though the 'maybe' and taking a chance!

All my love to you and thank you for humouring me with all this magical thinking business!


So my friends, here is my challenge.

I will share Spun Into Gold - The Secret Life of a Female Magician with over a Magical Million readers.

It's available worldwide in paperback and on audiobook, narrated by yours truly and has received 97% 5 star reviews and lots of personal letters saying how much people have enjoyed it.

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Amazon Australia

Book Depository FREE SHIPPING Worldwide

Audible UK

Audible USA

Apple Books (Audiobook)

and NOW as a downloadable E-Book for £4.99 on my Website Shop.

All that's needed to reach over a million readers is an extra special swirl of golden magic, positive thought and help from my friends.

I promise to bring you my daily efforts and adventures on the path.

I also promise not to give up for one magical year and a day!

Thank you for keeping me company.

Off we go!

A million readers here we come!

NB For some of the links above, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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