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Gold Leaf and Magenta! Day 21

Life is bonkers.

Bonkers! How can a mind change so much in a single day?

I've just bought an online art course. Tomorrow I'm going to buy gold leaf and watercolours and inks. I'm going to clutter-clear my magic room, put the magic to one side and make it an artist's studio. I already have that two metre wide magnificent work bench that Walkabout made me, a view looking out to the fields and sheep and sea. I am going to paint!

Suddenly it's all my brain can think about! I keep staring at these lilies. I am astonished with their extravagant beauty. A big bunch for £7.99 from Aldi. I have three vases full and my little cottage smells divine.

Suddenly my thoughts are full of magenta swirls and splodges of gold leaf.

Which is odd because the last time I did any actual drawing or art was in school. Our homework was to draw a human figure. I traced a photograph of a man and was rather pleased with the outcome. The teacher crossed through it with a red pen with the word, 'photograph' and the mark 0/10. That was that, artistically written off, too many years ago to count.

Until today.

In Fiji in Feb, I met the light and colourful Tracy Verdugo.

I went to her art workshop. We sat near the beach in the shade and played with colours and shapes. My first thought was, "I"m no good at art, I'm just going to make a mess."

Then, when the first colour went on the page, my brain did a complete volte face and decided that actually, I am an undiscovered world class artist about to sell my work for thousands! Ten minutes later, my painting was veering more to prove my first opinion. But it didn't matter, it was warm, it was fun, my fingernails were caked with magenta and next stop was lunch.

I have a feeling that I want to paint the background for my new website. I want to paint beautiful social media posts, I want to paint a couple of canvases and hang them in my cottage. I feel that if I paint my thoughts and doodles, it will be an efficient signpost to anyone that wants to find me.

Does you want to join me? I'm a total beginner, I have no aspirations, I simple want to play with colour and have fun.

If you do, the course I bought is a bargain at $27 and we can do it together!

The link is

This is Tracy's art above, just in case you were thinking I was already amazing!

If you need me, I'll be in my studio.

Love love love


So my friends, here is my challenge.

I will share Spun Into Gold - The Secret Life of a Female Magician with over a magical million readers.

It's available worldwide in paperback and on audiobook, narrated by yours truly and has received 97% 5 star reviews.

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and NOW as a downloadable E-Book for £4.99 on my Website Shop.

All that's needed to reach over a million readers is an extra special swirl of golden magic, positive thought and help from my friends.

I promise to bring you my daily efforts and adventures on the path.

I also promise not to give up for one magical year and a day!

Thank you for keeping me company.

Off we go!

A million readers here we come!

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