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Forgive my Bulgarian! - Day 58

I usually have a daily chat with my friend Nicky. You've met her in this blog. She's in Bulgaria. While I went out on a bike ride in the new sunshine, she left a whatapp to say that she was having a Bulgarian lesson.

"What's 'Fuck Off' in Bulgarian?" I ask. I am feeling a little rebellious. It could be being shut in for a year, it could be caused by the chancellor Rishi Sunac leaving three million people without support for a year, it could be no sight of doing shows for another three months at least.

"I find if you shout 'Fuck Off loudly in any language," Nicky says, "people usually get the gist."

That made me laugh.

SO important to laugh. Don't you think?

Today I am on a diet of no Twitter, minimum Facebook and no national news.

Yesterday absorbing too much of it over the last weeks built up and I ended up on the sofa angry and worried about the future.

"Keep a happy mind." is the basic, fundamental Buddhist instruction. "Keep a happy mind."

Yesterday I did not have a happy mind. I found myself unable to write an article that was due. When Walkabout came home, he reminded me what I already know. Nothing has any meaning other than the one you give it. Worrying about anything is a waste of time, energy and your precious life. I was always the one who didn't watch the news. Recently I have given my power to it.

Not anymore. Not today. Today, I started with a zooming sunny bike ride past my cute new cottage that I move to next Wednesday. I sang along to a playlist from Pink and swooshed through deep puddles smiling, thinking of my mate Dave who taught me to run through puddles appreciating the joy of getting wet. I did two washes and hung them out on the line for the first time this year. I'm feeling much better already.

I might have had a teeny, tiny look on Twitter. I saw with surprise that 'Eat out to help out' was trending. If you're not in the UK, this was our favourite chancellor's scheme to get business going again by subsidising restaurants and pubs. Walkabout and I had a fine old time eating half price meals all over Cumbria last summer. While it might have been good for business, it wasn't good to lower covid cases.

Now apparently there is a plan to do it again. This has motivated the Twitterati to think up some fine new tweets. "Eat scran to kill gran." or "Eat Garfunkels to kill your aunts and uncles." another. Haha. I really felt for a Twitter stranger called Nic who tweeted, "As somebody who works in hospitality and worked through the last EatOutToHelpOut scheme, can I kindly as you to FUCK OFF!!"

My humour certainly seems a little dark today. Who cares? No-one knows but you. And you'll overlook it I'm sure.

And now I'm going out for a walk in the sun!

Keep a happy mind,

Love love love


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Thank you for keeping me company.

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