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Fancy a slice? - Day 15

I want to talk about blackberries. Again!


I know, I've mentioned blackberries before.

But before they turn to mush as autumn sweeps in, I have more to say!

And no, I didn't make this pie and YES, I did use it to bribe you into reading this!

As you know, I go for an 'inspiration walk' after morning coffee. I stomp up the stony path five minutes from my cottage to the open skies of Birkrigg common, over the sheep fields, down an ancient path between two hedgerows, then back in a circle to my tiny village of Bardsea.

On the final stretch there's a patch of blackberry bushes that no-one seems to have discovered.

The thing about blackberries is that they ripen at different times. There's usually one berry that's ripe on the end of a cluster. If it's really ripe, it falls off easily into your hand.

If not, it doesn't.

If you're lucky enough to find a bush that has lots of ripe berries you can simply close your hand around a bunch and they'll all fall off easily.

As I walk along, eagle-eyed to find the next big juicy berry, I'm reminded that when something is ready to appear, be it a job, a lover, money, a work opportunity, whatever it may be, you can take it easily. You simply have to stretch out your hand and take it.

There are guidelines to this of course. There always are.

Making something happen works much more quickly if you actively take steps towards what you want. Eyes peeled and blackberry bag at the ready.

You might need to be aware of obstacles or pitfalls around it. In the case of picking blackberries,

nettles and bramble thorns are usually woven around the berries plus spider webs and spiders! But a full bag of fresh organic blackberries for my morning smoothie is worth a sting or two.

I find it fascinating that as I'm picking them, I start to salivate. My body prepares to eat them, even though when I get them home, they're washed and put in the freezer. It's the same when I'm manifesting something. I get as thrilled and triumphant as if it's real already. I even do a little dance in my cottage or in the country lane.

Sometimes, I've got excited by ideas or action that didn't ever bear fruit.

But it doesn't matter, sooner or later, something will. And how lovely to be happy BEFORE it manifests!

Of course, the quickest way to make anything happen is to MAKE BELIEVE THAT IT HAS ALEADY.

Trust me on this!

So there we are. A few things that picking blackberries has made me think about on my morning walk that I thought I'd share with you lovely lot.

I am SO excited about this Manifest a Million readers adventure.

A few amazing things have happened already!

Keep tuned and I'll tell you what, but all in good time.

Because, just like picking blackb