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Empty Test Centres? Day 37

Controversial post alert. Well, a bit.

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Today, what has fascinated me today is a film a friend sent with the hashtag #filmyourtestcentre

When I searched for more on this, I saw many films of empty test centres. What's going on?

It's interesting to look at the feelings that come up when I thought about sharing it on my media. Will I get a bunch of aggressive replies as I have in the past when I've dared to question the government party line?

It's a slow day in the Magic Cottage. Walkabout is isolating for five days in the Buddhist centre after someone there has tested positive. Since I have no one else to speak to I can handle a few hecklers.

So I posted this film asking if anyone has any experience of these centres.

Strange. I posted this film on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn hours ago. The only comments are by two friends I asked to check whether they could actually see it.

Cosy and remote in my Cumbrian cottage, I have no idea whether the test centres are empty or busy I posted the film as a question. By all means, I suggested, drive past your local centre and take a look. It seems we have a huge demand for tests but no joined up link between the empty sites and requests. Which is crazy.

What interests me is the silence. If these test centres ARE empty but the government is telling us that numbers of people testing positive are growing rapidly enough to justify a national lockdown, surely it's time for a few investigative journalists or even normal people should get out there with their phones.

Just asking.

Love love love


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