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I am distracted.

I am distracted because the UK government is ignoring three million self-employed people, including me.

In March, when the joyless Covid arrived and self-employed people couldn't work in industries such as event planning, theatres, entertainment, beauty salons, you'd think that the government would have worked out a solution to financially support formerly successful, hardworking businesses just as they furloughed company jobs.

But they didn't.

They said that each individual case was too complicated or that these three million were wealthy enough not to need any support. And I mean any support. Nothing.

I joined the 19k strong Facebook group of the grass roots support group ExcludedUK. I've been watching members get steadily more and more desperate. People are closing their businesses and having to sell their homes. There is a sense of incredulity that the government holds so many industries in such disregard that they are prepared to see them close. Wedding planners, musicians, and entertainers like me, who chose to follow a financially precarious career because we believe our work makes the world a better place have been advised to 're-train'.

This now infamous suggestion has a powerful effect. It's hard to fight off the inference that our life's work is meaningless and without worth.

After university, I left a successful career selling data systems for BT when I was 26. My salary was about £30k. I knew I could never be happy unless I followed my dream of becoming a performer.

I don't think I earned enough to pay tax for ten years while I was a street performer and then a magician creating my act. I know I re-invested every penny into costumes, the best theatrical directors and props.

After 17 years of dreaming, hard knocks and hard work, I won the World Magic Awards in Las Vegas, the only British or female to win. Ever. I was 43.

I was named The Magic Circle Stage Magician of The Magic Circle. I appeared on the ITV Penn & Teller prime time show Fool Us and then headlined on 6 star Seabourn Cruise ships for the last decade.

World Magic Awards Las Vegas with Siegfried & Roy

Then I was invited to perform for HRH Prince Charles,

I'm not trying to brag. Believe me, I"m not in the mood.

I'm pointing out that this is skilled work. Skilled work that our Royal family think is good enough to entertain their friends. Not to be dismissed as worthless by a bunch of privileged Eton chancers who have made a hash of managing everything since March.

Why did I work so hard for so long when I wasn't making a profit?

I wanted to make people laugh. I wanted to remind people that this world is a wonderful, magical place. I wanted to distract audiences from their worries and send them out into the night feeling happier.

From Spun Into Gold - The Secret LIfe of a Female Magician

"While the audience gasps as a birdcage with a singing bird appears out of nothing, as a square of scarlet silk changes to turquoise and three ropes melt into one, my job is to distract the audience while a crack team of angels are busy topping up tired hearts with new love, courage, and hope. It’s a cosmic pit stop. When the ruby curtain falls and the audience spills out into the night, they wonder curiously why it is that they feel a little lighter—a little brighter. But shhh…don’t tell. It’s a secret..."

Over the last 25 years, it's been my complete privilege to make thousands laugh and wonder. I'm proud of that. And grateful.

To have the government ignore my industry, my colleagues and the decades of dedicated hard work is upsetting. Distracting.

I'll carry on with my work to help the world laugh and remember this is a magical place. it's more essential now than ever. I'm going to work harder than I've ever done before to share my book.

Why? At £2.33 profit per book, it's not likely I'll have to pay Rishi Sunak much tax.

I'm going to bang on about Spun Into Gold until it's translated in every language possible, because it's going to make people remember that they are magical, powerful and can find the silver lining in everything. No matter what the government says or does.

If you want to support artists and the arts, and this artist in particular, I'd love you to buy my book or listen on Audible.

And no government incompetence or twattery is going to distract me from my vision.

Tomorrow, back to peace and love. I promise.

Love, love, love,


So my friends, here is my challenge.

I will share Spun Into Gold - The Secret Life of a Female Magician with over a magical million readers.

It's available worldwide in paperback and on audiobook, narrated by yours truly and has received 97% 5 star reviews.

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and NOW as a downloadable E-Book for £4.99 on my Website Shop.

All that's needed to reach over a million readers is an extra special swirl of golden magic, positive thought and help from my friends.

I promise to bring you my daily efforts and adventures on the path.

I also promise not to give up for one magical year and a day!

Thank you for keeping me company.

Off we go!

A million readers here we come!

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