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Anyone who has read Spun will know how much magic is in these pictures.

Last Feb 2020, I appeared with Elizabeth Gilbert, author of 'Eat, Pray, Love' and 'Big Magic' at a fabulous women's retreat in Fiji. 

Because this world is magical. 

And so are you! 

Never give up! 


Manifesting a Million Plus Readers!

On September 1st 2020, I decided to make best use of this year of Showbiz being 'on pause', by Manifesting a Million plus readers of Spun Into Gold. 

My vision is that everyone who thinks that their dream is beyond reach, anyone who would like to be happier, anyone struggling with an eating disorder or anxiety will find a copy of my true story in their hands and be comforted and inspired!

I've had so many letters from readers saying that they've been moved and motivated by my story.

"I finished your book last night. This morning, I wrote a song after two years of silence." Leonel Bastos 

"I just this instance finished reading your book. I started it at 4pm yesterday and couldn’t put it down. It moved me to tears of sadness and joy and in some parts was like looking in the mirror. Thank you for writing such an honest, candid terrifically magic life book." CF

"I wish I had found this book when I was young, it would have saved me a lot of time!" JD


Now my heart's desire is to share what I've learnt with EVERYONE! 


I'm committed to daily actions towards this vision for a magical year and a day!

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And if you have a genius idea how to help me share this book, give me a shout on my social media or  No idea too crazy!